Monday, 8/15 & Tuesday, 8/16: Rituals and Routines

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  • Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts. This blog is updated frequently with each A/B day’s work appearing in a single post. Use the calendar, archives, and titles to help you locate the correct post. Please note I generally update the blog on A days.
  • Collections textbook (black cover) needed next class.


  • Collected summer reading assignments due first day of ELA.
  • Collected communal supplies (post-its, sanitizer/wipes, tissues, copy/computer paper) These items may be brought in throughout the week.
  • Put heading on front cover of comp. book and placed in class storage bin.
  • Reviewed syllabus/began to cover important places in the classroom
  • Worked with table mates to solve a TED-Ed video riddle.
  • Take the True Colors Personality Test and review results. Filling out the Personality Color component on the Me at a Glance handout.

Home Learning:

  • Get syllabus signed and return entire page by 8/19 (A) & 8/22 (B.)
  • Bring Collections textbook (black cover) to next class.

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