How to Log-in to Achieve 3000

1. Visit or use the blended learning folder, if on a school computer that has Achieve 3000 in that folder.

2. Your username is the same for how you log into the computers at school.

3. Your password is ’16’ followed by the first four letters of your last name (lowercase.) If your last name is fewer than four letters long, add 0 (zero.) Then convert your birth month and day into four digits. Confused? Look at the examples below for help.


Our class mascot Arturo Turtle would be:

  • Username: S07041569
  • Password: 16turt0506 (He’s born on May 6th.)

A student named Kung Pow would be:

  • Username: s12345678
  • Password: 16pow01031 (Their birthday is October 31st.)

4. If your username and password don’t work after several attempts, ask the teacher. She has a master list of all usernames and passwords. If you have a randomly generated password, it’s your responsibility to memorize the word after the teacher has shared it with you.

5. Select the correct class from the drop down menu. You should only have 1 LANG ARTS choice, but should you have more than 1, please reference the chart below:

Achieve 3000 class codes

6. Once you’re logged on, use the thumbnails to navigate and start the lesson your teacher assigned to you. Then click ‘Start Lesson.’ *NOTE: If the Level Set test has been released you must WAIT to take this at school before completing your assigned/weekly Achieve 3000 assignments.

Acheive3000 Start Lesson

Note: the lesson pictured may not be the lesson assigned, so be sure to follow all directions given in class. If not in your Home Dashboard (pictured above) search for the article’s title.

7. Work through whatever work your teacher has assigned. This will be shared in class verbally, written, and/or written on the class Gaggle page. Follow the directions given through these methods.


Fight Club Allusion


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