Tuesday, 8/23 (A) & Wednesday, 8/24 (B): “Life at Home in the 21st Century” Day 2

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  • Collections textbook (black cover) needed until told to stop bringing it.
  • Revision: new/transfer/wait list students are exempt from the summer reading assignments. Students who were at Landon last year are expected to turn in assignments and they’re overdue. They were due the first day of ELA.
  • Students checked out a personal copy of the Contender novels during lunch on 8/22. If absent, there will be make-up days. Only let Ms. Barker know if you are unable to secure your copy. The novel won’t be needed until later in the quarter, so place it in your locker until given further notice.


  • The class reviewed the process for reading the text critically, generating higher-order questions, and taking notes of the reading in the T-Chart in their comp. books. Absent students should borrow a group member’s comp. book in class to reference the notes.
  • Students worked in groups to finish reading the text “Life at Home in the 21st Century” starting on p. 225 of the Collections textbook and completed their T-charts in their comp. books. Please reference the notes from last class as needed: 08.19 Life at Home Central Idea power point. (May be easier to view in regular mode as presentation mode may cut off information.)
  • Once finished, students began the Achieve 3000: “Watch This! TVs are Changing” (BR poll – AR poll.) This is a classwork grade, so it does not count towards this week’s A3Ks.
  • Students closed the lesson by analyzing the text “Life at Home in the 21st Century.”

Home Learning:

  • Bring Collections textbook (black cover) to next class.
  • Weekly A3Ks will be required each week. This week’s are due Sunday, 8/28 regardless of A or B day. These are different than assigned articles in which Ms. Barker tells you a specific title to work on. Each week, students are expected to complete TWO A3Ks (Achieve 3000) articles between Monday at 12 AM (midnight) and Sunday at 11:59 PM. The articles are student’s choice, so they may choose topics that interest them, but the article tab must be read and the activity for the article completed. Students need to score 75% or higher on the articles on their first try. If this does not occur, they may complete more than two articles and Ms. Barker will take the highest scoring articles as the student’s grade for the week.
  • Extra credit: have your parent/guardian send an email to the teacher with the following contents: 1) student first and last name 2) parent first and last name 3) period that you have ELA and 4) one fact you want me to know about the student due by 8/25 (A) & 8/26 (B.)

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