Friday, Sept. 30 (A) – Monday, Oct. 3(B) “Dump” Poem Analysis



  • The Contender novel (checked out to students during lunch at the beginning of the school year) are needed each day in class starting the week of Oct. 3rd (next week.) Please locate your copy and have it in class starting on Oct. 3rd.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please verify you have access the online Collections textbook and notify the teacher if you encounter any issues, so they can be resolved BEFORE electronic assignments are assigned.
  • Make-up Monday will continue to meet from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom. The only cancellation in the foreseeable future is for Monday, Oct. 31st, but it will continue to meet before and after that date.


  • (B Day only) There was a pop check to ensure students came to class prepared and had their Contender novel with them. It was 0/5 points for students who were unprepared and 5/5 for students who were prepared.
  • Students read and/or summarized the background information about authors X.J. Kennedy and Gary Soto on p. 241 of the Collections textbook for their bell ringer.
  • The teacher read aloud “Dump” by X.J. Kennedy p. 242 Collections textbook and students marked parts they found confusing using post-it notes. Confusing areas could be as simple as they did not know the meaning of a word, or as complex as asking a deeper question about a line or stanza of the poem.
  • For their second read of the poem, students read silently to themselves and generated specific questions relating to the confusing parts. For example: What does brink mean in line 1? or Why would people throw away their hopes (as seen in line 9)?
  • Then students shared their questions with their table mates and the class generated a class list of questions. (See the daily Poetry Structures Day 1 power point.)
  • The class discussed and categorized where the answers to these questions could be found, before tables were assigned specific questions from the list to answer.
  • The class reviewed rhyme scheme, author’s tone, and stressed vs. unstressed syllables before students were assigned “Dump” Analyze the Text Questions 1-4 p. 244 Collections textbook to answer independently. Students could work in groups or 2-3, but each student needed to have their own answer to each question for the review at the end of class.
  • If students finished this early, they could get a head start on the Achieve 3000: “Don’t Waste That” (BR poll – AR poll with article analysis sheet) which is due at the end of next class.

Home Learning:

  • Collections textbook needs to be brought to class daily, until told otherwise.
  • Close Readers need to be brought to class daily.
  • Locate The Contender novel and bring to class daily starting on Oct. 3rd.
  • Weekly Choice A3Ks articles due Sunday, regardless of A or B day. For more info, please reference the Achieve 3000 vs. A3K page. Remember this is a regular home learning grade.
  • Recycle the Pop Quiz by 10/4 (A) & 10/5 (B.)

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