Tuesday, Oct. 11 (A) – Wednesday, Oct. 12 (B): Compare/Contrast “Dump” and “How Things Work” Poetry Analysis


  • School cancelled for Monday this week, hence why Make-Up Monday was cancelled.  Make-up Monday will continue to meet from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom. The only cancellation in the foreseeable future is for Monday, Oct. 31st, but it will continue to meet before and after that date.
  • This is still an Early Dismissal Wednesday this week.
  • The Contender pacing guide will be updated to reflect the new A/B day schedule once the new calendar is released to teachers to show how weather days will be made up. In the mean time, pay attention to the dates on your current pacing guide. Pop quiz postponed. Read up and be prepared.
  • Week 7’s A3K (last week’s) have been made into extra credit.
  • Due to some family’s being without power still, A3Ks have been cancelled for this week and will resume the week of Oct. 17th. Week 8’s time frame will be from Oct. 17th – Oct. 23rd.
  • Last week’s class work that students took home has become extra credit and is due today. If not completed, it won’t hurt them, but students had two-three class periods to complete the assignments.


  • The class reviewed updates of how assignments would be handled following hurricane Matthew. (See announcements.)
  • During the work period students worked on:
    • Achieve 3000: “Everything Old is New Again” (BR poll – AR poll) due at start of next class
    • Complete the Compare Forms of Poetry graphic organizer found on p. 247 Collections textbook. Some time will be given next class to complete.
    • Complete the assigned differentiated task: Task 1 – Questions or Task 2 – Written Performance Task. Both practice the same skills, but in different formats. If absent, see teacher upon return to find out which you’re assigned. Some time will be given next class to complete.

If finished early, students could complete work from last class to earn extra credit. Deadline to complete is end of class today. Please note this is the second and final extension.:

  • Achieve 3000:“Don’t Waste That” (BR poll – AR poll with article analysis sheet)
  • Independent work: on loose leaf paper (front only) answer questions 1-5 for “How Things Work” p. 246. Restate the question and cite evidence to earn full credit. Hint: these questions are not asking about stress or unstressed syllables. When they mention ‘stress’ substitute the word ’emphasize.’ 

Home Learning:

  • Collections textbook needs to be brought to class daily, until told otherwise.
  • Close Readers need to be brought to class daily.
  • Contender novel needed daily.  Use the Contender pacing guide to keep up with the nightly reading. Pay attention to dates instead of A/B day until new pacing calendar is distributed.
  • Weekly Choice A3Ks articles cancelled this week. Will resume next week.
  • Complete unfinished class work, please see above.

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