Extra Credit Opportunity



  • Extra credit is not a substitute for completing regularly assigned work.
  • Regular assignments have a bigger impact on your overall grade than extra credit.
  • Nevertheless, we would all benefit from alternative access to The Contender by Robert Lipsyte. First person to email me the PDF (not a link, the actual full text) gets 2 points extra credit. I will also accept audio, so long as it is in a compatible format I can upload on my blog and can be accessed at school.
  • In other words, the first person to send me a PDF and the first person to send me compatible audio each earn 2 points extra credit. If this is the same person, they’ll earn 4 points. Opportunity is open until items found. I will announce when the opportunity is closed.
  • Don’t waste time on this supplemental offering as the extra points are factored into your weighted, overall grade rather than added on top of.
  • To be completed after school.

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