Thursday, Oct. 13 (A) & Friday, Oct. 14 (B): Quarter 1 Wind Down

In the process of getting grades finalized.


  • Audio files extra credit opportunity is closed. The search for the PDF is still on. For more details please see the original post. 
  • This coming Monday, Oct. 17 is the last Make-up Monday for the first quarter. We will continue to meet from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom. The only cancellation in the foreseeable future is for Monday, Oct. 31st, but it will continue to meet before and after that date.
  • The Contender pacing guide will be updated to reflect the new A/B day schedule once the new calendar is released to teachers to show how weather days will be made up. In the mean time, pay attention to the dates on your current pacing guide. Pop quiz postponed. Read up and be prepared.
  • Due to some family’s being without power still, A3Ks have been cancelled for this week and will resume the week of Oct. 17th. Week 8’s time frame will be from Oct. 17th – Oct. 23rd. This will be a second quarter grade since it ends in the second quarter.
  • Due to the end of the quarter wrap up, I thank you for your patience as I respond to a higher volume of emails and enter remaining grades.


  • The class took a Contender Quiz today. These quizzes will occur periodically and are not eligible for recycle.
  • The class reviewed their comparing forms of poetry charts and students were given the majority of the rest of class to finish their work from last class:
  • Achieve 3000: “Everything Old is New Again” (BR poll – AR poll) due at  the end of class today.
  • Complete the Compare Forms of Poetry graphic organizer (making necessary corrections, as needed) found on p. 247 Collections textbook. Some time will be given next class to complete.
  • Complete the assigned differentiated task: Task 1 – Questions or Task 2 – Written Performance Task. Both practice the same skills, but in different formats. If absent, see teacher upon return to find out which you’re assigned. Some time will be given next class to complete.
    If finished early, students could complete work from last class to earn extra credit. Deadline to complete is end of class today.
  • At the end of class we reviewed the graphic organizers/charts and students turned in their work from class today. 

Home Learning:

  • No A3Ks this week. They’ll resume the week of Oct. 17-23 as a second quarter grade. 
  • Instead keep up with the Contender reading. Until you get a new calendar, keep up with the date assigned date rather than the A/B day. 

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