Friday, Oct. 20 (B) & Monday, Oct. 24 (A): “Always Wanting More” Wrap Up



  • Audio files extra credit opportunity is closed. The search for the PDF is still on. For more details please see the original post.  Last chance to earn this extra credit for 1st nine weeks is by submitting email to me by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday evening. Afterward it will be extra credit for the 2nd nine weeks.
  • Make-Up Monday will continue to meet from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom. The only cancellation in the foreseeable future is for Monday, Oct. 31st, but it will continue to meet before and after that date.
  • Grades update: teacher has graded and is inputting quiz recycles. The only thing she’s still grading is the differentiated performance task/questions 1-7. If you notice ANYTHING else amiss with your grades, shoot the teacher a polite email. Thank you for your patience as the end of the quarter brings a higher volume of emails. Be as specific as possible, and include pictures/screenshots when possible to ensure quick resolution of concerns. Thank you for your attention and patience.


  • Students completed a bell ringer
  • The class discussed their reading for last class and discussed topics such as voice, author’s tone, and word choice.
  • The class broke up into groups, assigned by the teacher based on student performance of last class’ closing question. Students either:
    • Chose their groups and had a discussion (documenting it via a written page) and submitted to the class inbox OR
    • Worked on the Level Up Tutorial for Connotation and Denotation and turned in the written work to the class inbox OR
    • Worked on a Connotation & Denotation worksheet, which they reviewed with the teacher before submitting to the class inbox
    • All students were expected to complete Achieve 3000: “Teens Saving, Not Spending” (BR poll – AR poll) with an article analysis sheet due at the end of class today.
  • (4A only) Since 4A worked on the italicized activities (above) last class, some students were assigned extension activities by completing the performance task for “Always Wanting More” in the online Collections textbook.


Home Learning:

  • Collections textbook, The Contender novel, and Close Reader workbook needed daily in class.
  • Weekly Choice A3Ks articles due Sunday, regardless of A or B day. For more info, please reference the Achieve 3000 vs. A3K page. Remember this is a regular home learning grade and the first one for the second quarter.
  • Contender novel needed daily.  Use the Contender pacing guide to keep up with the nightly reading. Pay attention to dates instead of A/B day until new pacing calendar is distributed.
  • Access the audio files for the novel via this Youtube channel:

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