Monday, Nov.7 (A) – Tuesday, Nov. 8: The Contender Social Media Project Work Day 1 of 3



  • Make-Up Monday meets from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom.
  • Students received their revised pacing guide for The Contender. Please throw away/disregard the orange copy. Only the white copy should be followed.


  • Students turned in the Contender Ch. 14 Characterization Chart to the class inbox for full credit. If not submitted today, students may complete and submit by next class for partial credit.
  • The class was introduced to The Contender Social Media project. Students should use this overview page to stay on track for the project which will be mostly completed in class.
  • Today students were assigned one character to focus on and made their selection which option they wanted to complete for the project. Four are available, but students must only complete ONE.
  • Students began planning for their project by filling out their graphic organizer for the option they chose. All files are available in Focus under each option. Students will submit work for one option and be excused from the other three assignments.
  • Today was the last day for A day students to complete the Achieve 3000: “Sunn a Shining Star” (Not a mispelling. Just read it. BR poll – Thought Question.)
  • For today’s closing students need to navigate to the padlet. The password will be shared in class when we’re ready for the closing.

Home Learning:

  • The Contender novel is needed daily in class.
  • Weekly Choice A3Ks articles due Sunday, regardless of A or B day. For more info, please reference the Achieve 3000 vs. A3K page.
  • Follow the timeline in your overview page to stay on top of The Contender Social Media project.
  • Access the audio files for the novel via this Youtube channel:
  • If not finished in class, complete the Contender Ch. 14 Characterization Chart which needs to be completed by the start of next class to earn partial credit. While they do not need to find an example of each type of indirect characterization for each character, they do need to find evidence to help them fill out the character trait/type of character rows for each character from Ch. 14.

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