Grade Updates



  • Thank you for your patience regarding grade updates.Many, various assignments were input this afternoon including, but not limited to:
    • late work
    • work claimed from the No Name Paper wall (although there are still some unclaimed assignments!) and
    • the Ch. 16-20 Contender Comprehension Check
  • I have submitted my grades for progress reports, so what you see in Focus is what will appear on your printed progress report that will be distributed on Nov. 28th. Be kind when inquiring your other teacher’s timelines. Our deadline is Nov. 21st, I input mine early since I will be out of town from now until the deadline.
  • Unfortunately your Contender Social Media Projects will NOT be reflected in the printed progress report. My plan is to get those assignments (submitted as of Nov. 17th or prior) graded and entered no later than Dec. 7
  • Additionally, the weekly A3Ks and Achieve 3000’s assigned this week will not appear on the printed progress report, but I will have those grades entered either next week or the following.
  • For this reason, please be sure to check Focus regularly as it is always the most up-to-date.

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