Tuesday, Dec. 13 – Wednesday, Dec. 14 (B): Revising & Editing Class Essay

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Technology is great in lessons…when it works. The rest of the time we’re problem solving like ‘Just shut it down.’ Everything works better when it’s had a chance to reboot. There’s no place like Chrome…


  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 between Monday, Dec. 12 – Sunday, Dec. 18.
  • The last Make-Up Monday for the second quarter meets from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom on Monday, Dec. 12th. It is cancelled for Dec.19th and will not resume until the New Year.
  • The Writing Scrimmage will occur in class on Dec. 15 (A) and Dec. 16 (B.) This will be a chance to practice skills learned in the argumentative writing unit and the essay written will be the final assessment grade for the second nine weeks.
  • Please check the No Name Paper Wall for missing assignments. Claim your work by fixing errors to your heading or stapling the bubble sheet to your test recycles and re-submit to the inbox to be graded.


  • The class read their class essay in it’s entirety and we reviewed overall areas we could modify as part of the revising and editing process.
  • Students added a Revising vs. Editing Cheat Sheet of their choice (option #1 or option #2) to their comp. book.
  • Students participated in a Gallery Run to review and offer feedback to every paragraph of the class’ essay except their own.
  • Once back at their original station, students reviewed the feedback left by their peers and summarized how they could improve the quality of the paragraph their group wrote. The class debriefed lessons learned from the Gallery Run and areas students still find challenging.
  • The teacher demonstrated how to navigate to the class essay for further revisions and students submitted their revisions and edits at the end of the period.
  • Once finished with those tasks, students had the opportunity for extra practice with the following skills:
  • The article analysis sheet for ONE of the above level up tutorials is due 12/15 (A) & 12/16 (B) by the start of class.

Home Learning:


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