Wednesday, Jan. 11 (A) – Thursday, Jan. 12 (B): Reading Scrimmage Review



  • Due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the next Make-Up Monday will be Monday, Jan. 23 from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom.
  • This week start the third quarter which means the 7th grade second semester late work policy (that no late work is accepted) has begun. Students have one day for every day absent per usual.
  • Please check the No Name Paper Wall for missing assignments. Claim your work by fixing errors to your heading or stapling the bubble sheet to your test recycles and re-submit to the inbox to be graded.
  • Any printer paper donations will gladly be accepted.


  • Students completed Bell Ringer #2: Malcolm Forbes in their comp. book which will be a part of their comp. book check.
  • The student’s choice of Level Up Tutorials, either option 1: Revising at the Sentence Level or option 2: Revising to add Supporting Details was due at the start of class today.
  • Additionally an the Achieve 3000: “A Test to Remember” (BR poll – AR poll) with an article analysis sheet was due by the start of class today.
  • The teacher introduced the Tic-Tac-Toe/Connect 4 style game that the class would use to review the Reading Scrimmage took before winter break. Absent students will be excused from this assignment.

Home Learning:

  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 between Monday, Jan. 9 – Sunday, Jan. 15
  • Complete any unfinished classwork (see above.) Absent students have one day for every day absent to make-up the assignments.

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