Monday, Feb. 13 (A) – Tuesday, Feb. 14 (B): How to Write Effective Counterarguments



  • Make-Up Monday meets from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in our regular classroom and is offered each week.


  • Students used completed Bell Ringer #12: Argument Vocabulary Word Sort which will be part of the round #2 comp. book check. Once finished, the class reviewed the correct definitions of each term.
  • Any students who were absent last class/checked out early and needed additional time were given additional time to write their essay from last class.
  • Students took Cornell notes in their comp. book on How to Write Effective Counterarguments.
  • Students picked groups and each group was given a different topic in which to brainstorm and write a counterargument paragraph. Students planned by filling out the front of the worksheet and choose one counterclaim/appropriate rebuttal and constructed their counterargument paragraph on the reverse side of the handout. Absent students may check the absence folder and complete the handout with their name on it individually and submit to the class inbox for a grade.
  • Groups selected one presenter to share their group’s claim and counterargument paragraph with the class. All groups presented, so students could hear a variety of counterargument paragraphs. Any errors were corrected for the whole class’ benefit in learning how to revise counterarguments to make them stronger.

Home Learning:

  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 by Sunday each week.

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