Thursday, Mar. 2 (A): Finishing Reading “Sorry, Wrong Number”


When your wardrobe choices foreshadow the events of the night…


  • Make-Up Monday meets in our regular classroom from 3:00-4:45 p.m. each week, excluding holidays from school. See you next week!
  • Bring your Collections textbooks to  class until from now, until told to stop.
  • Friends of Landon will be conducting a fundraising campaign Feb 27 – Mar 3 to transform the current media center into a 21-century collaborative Learning Commons. The fundraising goal is $12,000. Friends of Landon will be accepting cash and checks on campus and online through the FOL website (


  • Students completed Bell Ringer #18 – Foreshadow and added it to their comp. book which will be part of the round #2 comp. book check.
  •  After finishing the first read of “Sorry, Wrong Number” starting on p. 112 of the Collections textbook, students performed a second close read of the text and (1A, 4A only) began filling out the plot diagram worksheet for the play.

Home Learning:

  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 by Sunday each week.
  • Students who received a scholarship warning need to get it signed and returned by 3/6 (A) & 3/7 (B.)

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