Tuesday, Mar. 7 (B) – Thursday, Mar. 9 (B): “Pavement Chalk Art”

julian beever


  • Make-Up Monday meets in our regular classroom from 3:00-4:45 p.m. each week, excluding holidays from school. Next week is the last week for the third quarter!
  • Friends of Landon extended their fundraiser to transform the current media center into a 21-century collaborative Learning Commons until Wednesday, March 8. The fundraising goal is $12,000. Friends of Landon will be accepting cash and checks on campus and online through the FOL website (https://www.friendsoflandon.org/).
  • Thank you to all who donated tissues to our classroom. We appreciate your generosity and effort to ensure all students can stay healthy/needs are met!


  • Students completed Bell Ringer #19 (B day only) Vocabulary Acquisition and added it to their comp. book which will be part of the round #2 comp. book check.
  • (4A only) Submitted the “Sorry, Wrong Number” Venn Diagram to the class inbox today.
  • (B day only) had time to complete the differentiated station work. Students only need to complete the work for the station they were assigned.
  • If not finished in class (all students,) complete the differentiated station work for homework (please see the homework section for directions/due dates.)
  • Students created a chart  as they viewed/analyzed Julian Beever’s art in their Collections book starting on p. 90.
  • Students viewed the Chalk-Artist Goes 3-D video clip to finish filling out their chart.
  • Students completed their chart and answered questions 3-4 on page 92 of their Collections textbook. Completed chart and questions is due to class inbox on Wednesday, Mar. 8 (A) and Thursday, Mar. 9 (B.)

Home Learning:

  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 by Sunday each week.
  • If not finished in class, complete your assigned station work (due 3/10 [A] and 3/9 [B.:]) NOTE: It’s best to complete Level Up Tutorials through (online) Blended Learning Folder>HMH icon>login>grade 7 (from dropdown menu)>Student Resources folder>Level Up Tutorials>Analyzing Literature, but if you don’t have access you can watch the videos. Pause the practice questions, so you have enough time to read them!
    • Station 1 – Plot Stages + Article Analysis Sheet
    • Station 2 – Elements of Drama + Article Analysis Sheet
    • Station 3 – Achieve 3000: “Books That Move?” (BR poll – AR poll) + Article Analysis Sheet

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