Friday, Mar. 10 (A) & Monday, Mar. 13 (B): “A Christmas Carol”

charles dickens


  • Make-Up Monday meets in our regular classroom from 3:00-4:45 p.m. each week, excluding holidays from school. Monday, Mar. 13th is the last Make-Up Monday for the third quarter!
  • Thank you to all who donated tissues to our classroom. We appreciate your generosity and effort to ensure all students can stay healthy/needs are met!
  • Close Readers are needed next class, but Collections  textbooks can be put away for awhile.


  • Students had comp. book check #2. If absent, please see the 03.10 A Christmas Carol Comparing Genres Power Point for how to prepare for and submit your comp. book to the class inbox to be graded.
  • (A day only) Submitted their station work to the class inbox. Please see the home learning section of last class’ post for details.
  • The class reviewed academic vocabulary and groups wrote down the meanings of each term.
  • The class read A Christmas Carol (novel) on p. 35 – 36 of the Close Reader(CR) aloud and annotated for the Close Read Questions (blue and green boxes.)
  • The teacher demonstrated how to complete the Genres Comparison Chart (see ppt above.) Students had the remainder of class to work on reading the Drama and Graphic Story in the CR, answering the Close Read Questions as they went. Each student needs to have that work completed in their own book. Alternatively, students may access the online version of the book. Note, CR = Close Reader, students need CR35 – CR42. Leaving off the ‘CR’ will bring them to the Collections textbook pages, which are different assignments entirely.
  • Groups worked on completing the Genres Comparison Chart for all three genres as well. Two entries are needed for each genre, for a total of six entries, including the first teacher-entry example.
  • Students will have some time next class to finish reading, answering the CR questions, and completing the Genre Comparison Chart and we will review answers next class.

Home Learning:

  • Complete two A3K Choice Articles in LA 2 section of Achieve 3000 by Sunday each week. (Achieve 3000: “Books Can Move?” was is an assigned article for some students, given the station work. Therefore, it will NOT be counted as a weekly A3K for any student.)
  • Extra Credit due 3/15.

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