Tuesday, Mar. 14 (A) – Wednesday, Mar. 15 (B): “A Christmas Carol” Wrap-Up

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  • The next Make-Up Monday meets in our regular classroom from 3:00-4:45 p.m on Monday, April 3rd. This is the first Make-Up Monday of the fourth 9 weeks!
  • Close Readers and Collections  textbooks can be put away for awhile. Neither is needed in class until instructed otherwise.
  • Teacher dropped the lowest assigned Achieve 3000 score (of student’s choice) to help offset students losing the ability to submit late work. This will appear in Focus as ‘excused.’


  • Students had comp. book check #2. If absent, please see the 03.10 A Christmas Carol Comparing Genres Power Point for how to prepare for and submit your comp. book to the class inbox to be graded.
  • Students completed Bell Ringer #20 – Characterization Anticipation Guide in their comp. book, which will begin the page range for comp. book check #3.
  • Student groups had more time to finish answering their Close Read questions for “A Christmas Carol” p. 35-42 of the Close Reader. Directions for how to access the online version of the book are provided. Note, CR = Close Reader, students need CR35 – CR42. Leaving off the ‘CR’ will bring them to the Collections textbook pages, which are different assignments entirely.
  • Groups worked on completing the Genres Comparison Chart for all three genres as well. Two entries are needed for each genre, for a total of six entries, including the first teacher-entry example. This chart was collected at the end of the work period.
  • Students checked their work and submitted it to the class inbox. This will be the first grade of the fourth nine weeks.

Home Learning:

  • Have a fun, safe Spring Break. Come back rested and ready to prepare for the FSA Reading exam April 24 (Session 1) and April 25 (Session 2.)

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