Wednesday, May 3 (A) – Thursday, May 4 (B): The Outsiders Ch. 6



  • The Outsiders novel (a PDF copy is available here) is needed in class every day until further notice. Special thanks to a student who found the PDF. Thank you for helping out your peers!
  • All Ms. Barker’s library books need to be returned by Friday, May 19th. If you misplaced your copy of the book, please purchase a gently used, or new title to replaced the missing copy.
  • Achieve 3000 Level Set will take place in class on May 9th (A) &May 10th (B)   moved to May 12th (B.)


  • The class added to their Outsiders Mind Map from last class. Absent students may borrow a mind map from their peers/use class time to get caught up.
  • The class added the timeline and continued summarizing major events to the bottom of their mind map.
  • The class charted out the different characters and their relationships to one another, on the back of their mind maps.
  • The class started reading Ch. 6 and, as time allowed, analyzed different characters and their motivations for their actions. Students must finish reading Ch. 6 by the start of next class.


  • Follow The Outsiders Pacing Guide. Students should have read through Chapter 6 by the start of next class.
  • No weekly A3Ks this week since the Level Set is open. DO NOT complete the Level Set on your own. Avoid completing any Achieve 3000, for any class until after you have taken the Level Set in your ELA class next week.

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