Tuesday, May 9 (A)

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  • Due to assorted events, I’ll be posting daily this week to avoid confusion. I’ll resume combined A day/B day posts next week when we’re out of this stretch where activities needed to be altered.
  • The Outsiders novel (a PDF copy is available here) is needed in class every day until further notice. Special thanks to a student who found the PDF. Thank you for helping out your peers!
  • All Ms. Barker’s library books need to be returned by Friday, May 19th. If you misplaced your copy of the book, please purchase a gently used, or new title to replaced the missing copy.
  • Achieve 3000 Level Set will take place in class on May 9th (A) B day was moved to May 12th (B.) Due to Achieve 3000 not working during 4A, we will try the Level Set again on May 11th (4A only.)


  • Students completed the Level Set.
  • Students independently read Ch. 8 and if they finished began their homework.
  • (4A only) Due to Achieve 3000 not working, students worked on Thursday’s work today and will take the Level Set on Thursday. Absent students need only be sure they take the Level Set in class and keep up with The Outsiders reading. 4A absent students will be exempt from the work we did in class today.


  • Follow The Outsiders Pacing Guide. Students should have read through Chapter 7 by the start of next class.
  • No weekly A3Ks this week since the Level Set is open. DO NOT complete the Level Set on your own. 

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