Thursday, May 11 (A) – Catch-Up



  • Due to assorted events, I’ll be posting daily this week to avoid confusion. I’ll resume combined A day/B day posts next week when we’re out of this stretch where activities needed to be altered.
  • The Outsiders novel (a PDF copy is available here) is needed in class every day until further notice. Special thanks to a student who found the PDF. Thank you for helping out your peers!
  • All Ms. Barker’s library books need to be returned by Friday, May 19th. If you misplaced your copy of the book, please purchase a gently used, or new title to replaced the missing copy.
  • Achieve 3000 Level Set will take place in class on May 9th (A) B day was moved to May 12th (B.) Due to Achieve 3000 not working during 4A, we will try the Level Set again on May 11th (4A only.)


  • Students completed a bell ringer worksheet on “Nothing Gold Can Stay” poem mentioned referenced repeatedly in The Outsiders and discussed it.
  • (1A and 3A only) Re-took The Outsiders Ch. 4-6 Comprehension Check, since the copies were messed up and not all students took the complete assessment.
  • The classes reviewed The Outsiders Mind Map and added to it through Ch. 9.
  • (1A and 3A only) Completed a Write Aloud. Absent students need not make-up this activity, but do need to keep up with the reading.
  • (4A only) Took Achieve 3000 Level Set


  • Follow The Outsiders Pacing Guide. Students should have finished the novel by the start of next class.
  • No weekly A3Ks this week since the Level Set is open. DO NOT complete the Level Set on your own. 

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