Tuesday, May 30 (A) – Friday, June 2 (B): Last Week of School

grades are what they are


  • All Ms. Barker’s library books needed to be returned by Friday, May 19th. There’s still some overdue books that have not been returned. If you misplaced your copy of the book, please purchase a gently used, or new title to replaced the missing copy.
  • Check your grades sooner, rather than later. All grades are entered. If you believe there’s a mistake, politely contact the teacher, so any changes can be made prior to June 2. In person is best as Wednesday is our Field Day and Thursday is the Field Trip, so there’s at least two days the teacher will be out of office and unable to check/answer emails and phone calls.
  • Read the summer reading books for the grade(s) you’re in next year. Check the school website for the specific assignments which are due to your ELA the first/second day of school, depending if you have them on an A/B day.


  • All assignments have been completed and are updated in Focus. It is each student’s responsibility to check their grades and if they believe an error has been made, communicate in person with the teacher before June 2. It is recommended to take care of this prior to Wednesday of this week.
  • Wednesday is 7th grade Awards/Field Day/Cookout, thus Ms. Barker will be on campus, but unable to check/answer her email.
  • Thursday is the Animal Kingdom Field Trip, thus Ms. Barker will be off-campus and unable to check/answer her email.
  • Friday is the last day of school and it is a half day.


  • Complete summer reading by first day of ELA for the 2017-2018 school year. Assignments will be forthcoming. Check the school website for details.
  • Bored? Create your own Take-Along Arturo.

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