2017 – 2018 School Year Summer Reading


Before the close of the school year, this summer’s reading was posted to the main page of the school website and announced daily in class since May 10th. Click here for the 2017 – 2018 Summer Reading List & Assignments.

The above link was found on the front page of the school’s website (pictured above.)

Please be sure to carefully read ALL directions from the summer reading list & assignments (by following the link above or navigating to the school website.)

Below are student examples of the Mind Map:
Assignment #2 – Mind Map:
 Mind Map       Mind Map
Please be sure to include the following information in the top, right hand corner of both assignments:
  • Student first & last name
  • Date assignment completed
  • Period (will discover upon receiving schedule at Orientation)
  • Assignment title (Summer Reading Informative Essay/Summer Reading Mind Map)

Students who have the assignment ready to turn in the first day of ELA will earn 1 extra credit point per assignment.

Assignments turned in by Sept. 5 (B) and Sept. 6 (A) will earn full credit. EXCEPTION: New-to-Landon students. Speak with teacher about your unique deadline.

Assignments turned in by Sept. 7 (B) & Sept. 8 (A) will earn partial credit.

With the exception of new-to-Landon students, summer reading assignments will not be accepted after Sept. 7 (B) and Sept. 8 (A.)




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