Required Weekly Choice A3K (Achieve 3000) Articles FAQ

Mandatory Weekly Home Learning:

As per district policy, all students will complete:

  • two articles of their choice for Achieve 3000 (A3K) home learning
  • earning 75% or higher on their first try
  • for their ELA class, each week

NOTE: This is in addition to the regular Achieve 3000 articles the teacher assigns.



  1. What does A3K stand for? A3K=Achieve 3000. ‘A’ stands for Achieve, 3K represents 3000. Ms. Barker uses this code to help students tell the difference between assigned articles worth 20-points (which will be spelled out: Achieve 3000) and weekly choice articles worth 10-points per article (which will be abbreviated: A3Ks.)
  2. Are A3Ks required? Yes, all students regardless of their ELA teacher must complete two articles per week. The “choice” is which articles you read. Make the mandatory work more enjoyable by choosing topics and texts with which you’re interested.
  3. How often do I need to complete this? Every week. The window is from Monday at 12:00 AM, midnight through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. For example, Week 1’s window was from Monday, Aug. 28 – Sunday, Sept. 3. This is regardless of A/B day.
  4. What if I complete the work, hit submit, but it doesn’t submit until Sunday at midnight, 12:01 A.M. or later? Accept the score you earn for that week. Submitting it so close to the deadline shows poor planning. It’s a weekly requirement and you had a week to complete it. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. The good news: you’ve got a head start for the next week, so you will get credit for the work … but next week.
  5. Can I work ahead? To a point, yes. This is weekly homework credit, so as early as midnight on Monday of that week you can complete the A3Ks for that week. I strongly recommend starting on the assignment early in the week, but probably not midnight… This is a great way to stay caught up, even with absences, and you never know what work you’ll be assigned later in the week. Aim to complete it on a weekday early in the week, so you don’t have to have homework on the weekend and if technology issues do occur, you have time to problem-solve.
  6. Do I have to do the Thought Question? An article analysis sheet?Not for your weekly A3K choice articles. In my class the requirement is to A) read the article tab B) complete the activity tab for TWO articles within the window for that week. If it doesn’t have an activity, you need to choose another article.
  7. Can I complete the work late for partial credit? No, this work will NOT be accepted late as it’s a weekly requirement to track usage and students have a week to complete it. It’s participation-based home learning. You did participate that week or you didn’t, you can’t go back in time.
  8. How is it scored in your class? Unlike classwork assignments, A3Ks are graded based on completion because it’s a participation grade. Please reference the following rubric to see what each score means:
    • 10/10 points = for scoring 75% or higher on your FIRST try
    •  5/10 points = for scoring 75% or higher on your second try
    • 0/10 points = for scoring lower than a 75% on either try; assignment not completed (in the ELA section from the drop down menu). Comments in Focus will specify which.
  9. What score is a good score? What should I aim to earn? 75% or higher on your FIRST try is the what you should be aiming to score.
  10. What if I score lower than a 75% on my first try for one of my A3K Choice articles that week? You may complete as many A3Ks as you want. If you score below 75% you have the opportunity to complete more. I take the highest two scores for the week. Meaning if you see anything less than 100% A in Focus, you are not using every opportunity given to you.
  11. I completed the A3Ks, but have a zero in Focus. Why? Scores are only earned for A3Ks completed in the ELA section (LA2). In other words, while this may be true that you completed choice articles, if you didn’t choose your ELA class from the drop down menu when you signed in, or fixed it before you began your articles then you didn’t complete the articles for ELA.
  12. Oops! I completed the A3Ks, but for the wrong class (e.g. science, civics, etc.) What do I do now? Grow from the experience by accepting that you earned a zero on that week’s assignment. Avoid repeating the mistake, by double checking that you choose the ELA section from the class drop down menu when completing your A3Ks.
  13. Do assigned articles count towards weekly A3Ks? No. They’re their own grade. There’s no double-dipping. In other words if the class is assigned Achieve 3000: “ABC” it will have it’s own 20-point grade and students still need to complete two choice A3Ks. Please reference the Achieve 3000 FAQ post for more information to see how assigned articles are scored differently, impact Lexile scores, etc.
  14. I accidentally did an assigned article for an A3K. What do I doThe first try score that you earned for that assignment will be graded using the 20-point Achieve 3000 assigned article scale. Please refer to the Achieve 3000 FAQ post regarding impacting your Lexile level and meeting the weekly A3K requirement. This should also be motivation to do you best on all Achieve 3000 articles.

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