Tuesday, 8/22 (A) – Wednesday, 8/23 (B): “Craig Kielburger Reflects on Working Toward Peace” Day 2

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  • Check the No Name Paper Wall to claim your work with missing/improper heading, so you can earn credit for your work. Once you’ve written the correct heading on the top, right hand corner re-submit it to the class inbox to be graded.
  • Research extra credit opportunity: first person to email me the correct pronunciation of our author’s name will get 1 point extra credit. Submissions are only accepted via email, due to date/time stamp. I’ll respond to the winner and make an announcement via the blog/in class.
  • Thank you for those who have donated classroom supplies! We are set on hand sanitizer for the year, but are a little low on tissues. Kind donations of tissues, to class, will be accepted throughout the year.


  • Students who haven’t finished the Level Set test completed that. All Level Sets must be completed by Friday, Sept. 1 (as per the district’s deadline.) Level Set Baselines can only be taken in class, under teacher’s supervision!
  • Due to various events such as assemblies, server’s being down throughout the district, solar eclipses, etc. each class had adjusted activities. What’s important is for students to have read “Craig Kielburger Reflects on Working Toward Peace” in the Collections textbook. (Please use the Authors/Titles Index in the back of the book to find the right selection.)
  • Reference the power point used in class.


  • Bring Collections textbook to class daily, until told otherwise.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)
  • Parent extra credit email due by Thursday (A) and Friday (B) this week!
  • Set-up your comp. book. Please note: spiral notebooks are not comparable. If you cannot get a comp. book, ask the teacher and she will help. This needs to be completed by next class as we will begin adding to the comp. book next class and you’ll be accountable via our periodic comp. book checks.

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