Thursday, 8/24 (A) – Friday, 8/25 (B): “It Takes a Child” Documentary Day 1

learning names


  • Check the No Name Paper Wall to claim your work with missing/improper heading, so you can earn credit for your work. Once you’ve written the correct heading on the top, right hand corner re-submit it to the class inbox to be graded.
  • Research extra credit opportunity is closed. We can put the pronunciation battle to rest because Craig Kielburger’s last name is pronounced: Keel’Burger (like a keel of a ship and a burger that you eat.)
  • Thank you for those who have donated classroom supplies! We are set on hand sanitizer for the year, but are a little low on tissues. Kind donations of tissues, to class, will be accepted throughout the year.


  • Students who haven’t finished the Level Set test completed that. All Level Sets must be completed by Friday, Sept. 1 (as per the district’s deadline.) Level Set Baselines can only be taken in class, under teacher’s supervision!
  • Students went over the expectations for Paper Pass Back (please see power point, the link is below.)
  • The class set-up their writing portfolios. If absent, no worries. Just be prepared to get caught up during our next paper pass back and ask a peer at your table to help you, then.
  • We read through p. 317 – 319 in the Collections textbook. If absent, please read to catch up.
  • Reference the power point used in class to see how to set-up your Documentary T-Chart on a separate piece of paper.
  • Depending on time, classes watched the documentary film clip 1-2 times to analyze it for different capacities. Please refer to the power point (above) for what to look for/analyze during each viewing.
  • Students held onto their Documentary T-Charts as we’ll finish up next class.


  • Bring Collections textbook to class daily, until told otherwise.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)
  • Achieve 3000: “Life on the Border” (BR poll – AR poll) due by the start on next class.* The only exception to this rule is students who still have not taken the Level Set as this baseline needs to be completed under teacher supervision.
  • Set-up your comp. book. Please note: spiral notebooks are not comparable. If you cannot get a comp. book, ask the teacher and she will help. This needs to be completed by next class as we will begin adding to the comp. book next class and you’ll be accountable via our periodic comp. book checks.

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