Friday, 9/22 (A) & Monday, 9/25 (B): Related Reading – “Muhammad Ali” & Begin Compare/Contrast Chart with Analysis Questions



  • I have replied to all emails daily. If you have not received a response, please see this post for more information why this may be the case.
  • To ensure we’re on the same page, the time table for the weekly A3Ks and how they were impacted by the storm is as follows: Week 1 is graded and entered in Focus for a regular homework grade. Week 2 (9/4 – 9/10) became extra credit, so those who completed prior to evacuating/school cancellations are rewarded, but those who were unable to are not negatively impacted. The week of 9/11 – 9/17 was cancelled in light on many students being evacuated or without power. To give students and their families time for hurricane relief, no credit (regular or extra) will be awarded for articles completed within that range. Starting up again, this week (9/18 – 9/24) students are expected to complete two articles for a regular homework grade. If you are still without power, an announcement was made in class for an alternative assignment. Please see the homework section below for the details.
  • Thank you for those who have donated classroom supplies! For those interested in donating our Class Wish List will be updated throughout the year to suit our needs.


  • The class completed a List-Group-Label for Muhammad Ali to see student’s background knowledge before beginning the reading. Students who were absent need to check Ms. Barker’s comp. book upon their return to class to ensure they’re keeping their comp. book updated.
  • The class began reading “Muhammad Ali” the related reading in the back of The Contender school-issued novel and filled out the left-hand column of the Venn Diagram/Chart on their Muhammad Ali Comparison Chart. Absent students should reference the power point to see how to fill out the chart.
  • Students finished the reading in their groups and completed the eight Analysis Questions on the back of the worksheet on their own. Students who did not finish need to complete the work for homework.
  • The class discussed how Muhammad Ali measured up to our definition of a warrior: a fighter; someone guided by a cause. Students referenced the text we read to discuss challenges Ali faced and how he persevered.


  • Bring The Contender novel to class daily.
  • Complete two weekly A3K choice articles between midnight on Monday – 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, scoring 75% or higher on each article to earn credit. For more info, please check the Achieve 3000 vs. Weekly A3K tab to answer FAQ. If you are still without access to internet/a computer, please see Ms. Barker and she will print articles/activities for you to satisfy the requirement. NOTE: “The Greatest” is an assigned article, which will count as a classwork score. If already completed, it will NOT count as one of your weekly A3Ks.
  • Link parent accounts (student accounts with parent permission) to our Class Dojo. Invites with your individual-specific code were sent home. The first class with 100% parent connectivity, will earn extra credit.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Finish the left-hand column on the Muhammad Ali Compare and Contrast Chart and answer the Analysis Questions by the start of next class.
  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)

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