Thursday, 10/12 (A) – Friday, 10/13 (B): “Joe Louis was Here” & Ch. 12 – 13 Summaries



  • There’s been a lot of questions regarding the “Research Extra Credit” grade in Focus. As discussed in class, each quarter this category will appear. Periodically in class, we come up with questions we cannot stop and answer in the moment, but that are valid questions worth our attention. When Ms. Barker deems an question worthy, she will announce it to all classes and via the blog. The first student to email her (email because it date/time stamps) the correct answer they have researched will earn extra credit in the “Research Extra Credit” assignment. Currently there are no research extra credit opportunities available.
  • Make-Up Monday sign-up sheets are posted outside our classroom door for the entire second quarter. If you plan to attend, remember you must sign-up to reserve your spot. The sign-up sheets will be taken down each Friday afternoon. If there’s no interest (assessed by no students signing up,) there will be no Make-Up Monday the following week.
  • Thank you for those who have donated classroom supplies! For those interested in donating our Class Wish List will be updated throughout the year to suit our needs.


  • Students wrote a summary of The Contender‘s Chapter 12 on an index card for their bell ringer. This was open-book. While this wasn’t a graded assignment, I returned it to students with simple feedback, so they could see how to improve their summaries for their work in class today.
  • The class analyzed three videos and determined whether they were good examples or not. By popular demand, those videos are below:
  • If not finished last class, students completed Achieve 3000: “Joe Louis was Here” (BR poll – AR poll) + article analysis sheet (quarter 1 grade) which was due to the class inbox by the end of class.
  • Students who still needed to get caught up on missing quizzes/Achieve 3000 assignments had time during today’s work period to take care of missing work.
  • Next, students collaborated with their partner to write a concise summary for Chapter 13. Periods 1A and 3A only submitted video recordings of their summaries, but also could have submitted written summaries if they did not have time to record/they experienced audio technical difficulties. Due to this, all other classes just wrote their summaries and submitted them to the class inbox at the end of class.
  • If finished early, students added to their S.T.E.A.L. Chart for their assigned character through Ch. 13. Click here for the original post, access to the S.T.E.A.L. Chart worksheet, and directions. Students held onto their S.T.E.A.L. Chart. It is not expected for students to fill out every row on Ch. 12-13. This is an ongoing assignment. Students will add to their chart as more information is learned about their character. Some characters have been more present, others will be more present in later chapters. Alternatively, students could also have worked on their homework, if time allowed.


  • Bring The Contender novel to class daily.
  • Consult The Contender Pacing Guide to keep up with the nightly reading due at the start of class on the due date.
  • Complete two weekly A3K choice articles between midnight on Monday – 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, scoring 75% or higher on each article to earn credit. For more info, please check the Achieve 3000 vs. Weekly A3K tab to answer FAQ. NOTE: “Joe Louis Was Here” is an assigned article, which will count as a classwork score. If already completed, it will NOT count as one of your weekly A3Ks.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)

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