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Tuesday, Nov. 28 (A) – Wednesday, Nov. 29 (B): “Life at Home in the 21st Century” Cornell Notes

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  • There’s been a change to the Class Dojo Rewards. Please check the 5 and 10 point rewards to note the change.
  • There’s been a lot of questions regarding the “Research Extra Credit” grade in Focus. As discussed in class, each quarter this category will appear. Periodically in class, we come up with questions we cannot stop and answer in the moment, but that are valid questions worth our attention. When Ms. Barker deems an question worthy, she will announce it to all classes and via the blog. The first student to email her (email because it date/time stamps) the correct answer they have researched will earn extra credit in the “Research Extra Credit” assignment. The latest opportunity has been fulfilled. Congratulations to the 8B student who got the answer in first! I’ll be reaching out to notify you that you earned the point. At this time, there are no research extra credit opportunities, but it is a good idea to check the blog for when they are announced.
  • Make-Up Monday sign-up sheets are posted outside our classroom door for the entire second quarter. If you plan to attend, remember you must sign-up to reserve your spot. The sign-up sheets will be taken down each Friday afternoon. If there’s no interest (assessed by no students signing up,) there will be no Make-Up Monday the following week.


  • For today’s bell ringer, please reference the power point. It’s important to keep your comp. book updated and accurate in the event of periodic comp. book checks. If absent, please borrow Ms. Barker’s comp. book to the get the information. Your post-it is in the absence folder.
  • The teacher guided students through how to complete the Cornell Notes for the second read of “Life at Home in the 21st Century” (Collections textbook.) For your reference, it is outlined in today’s power point.
  • Students were able to finish answering the third question with a partner, or on their own.
  • Next, students generated 1-2 more questions and in a similar fashion recorded the questions on their Cornell Notes and answered them using at least two pieces of evidence from the text to connect it back to their answer/conclusion they drew from the text. If the question cannot be answered through re-reading the text, it is not a question that should be added to the Cornell Notes.
  • Once finished, students need to summarize the central ideas of the text on the back of their Cornell Notes, in the space provided. Since these summaries are limited to five lines, it’s advisable to get to the point and avoid unnecessary language such as: When asked to summarize “Life at Home in the 21st Century” it could be said that the central ideas for this text are…
  • When finished, students worked their way through the work period checklist (available in today’s power point.) If students were unable to get started on this week’s assigned article, they may work on it at home in addition to time offered in class.


  • Bring your Collections textbook (hard cover) next class until told otherwise.
  • Complete two weekly A3K choice articles between midnight on Monday – 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, scoring 75% or higher on each article to earn credit. For more info, please check the Achieve 3000 vs. Weekly A3K tab to answer FAQ. Remember, assigned articles like “These New TVs Will Grab You” count for an assigned article only.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)

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