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Thursday, 11/2 (A) – Friday, 11/3 (B): Annotating “He–y, Come on Ou–t” in the Close Reader

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  • There’s been a lot of questions regarding the “Research Extra Credit” grade in Focus. As discussed in class, each quarter this category will appear. Periodically in class, we come up with questions we cannot stop and answer in the moment, but that are valid questions worth our attention. When Ms. Barker deems an question worthy, she will announce it to all classes and via the blog. The first student to email her (email because it date/time stamps) the correct answer they have researched will earn extra credit in the “Research Extra Credit” assignment. Currently there are no research extra credit opportunities available.
  • Make-Up Monday sign-up sheets are posted outside our classroom door for the entire second quarter. If you plan to attend, remember you must sign-up to reserve your spot. The sign-up sheets will be taken down each Friday afternoon. If there’s no interest (assessed by no students signing up,) there will be no Make-Up Monday the following week. Monday, Oct. 30th had big attendance. Thank you to everyone who signed up and showed up!


  • Today, students completed a bell ringer in their comp. book looking at why we annotate and why it’s important. Students who were absent may look at the power point, or borrow Ms. Barker’s comp. book to get caught up.
  • Students received their Close Reader. (8B only got packets of the text.) Absent students may find their work on the Absent Board. (Workbooks on the floor below the board because they’re too heavy for the board. 8B’s packets are in the class’ folder on the board.)
  • Ms. Barker demonstrated how to annotate the text closely to show our thinking. We’re completing the blue Close Read sections as we read and tracing details that help hint at the theme of “He–y, Come on Out” (p. 87-92 in the Close Reader.) She showed students how to apply the R.A.C.E. strategy, while sounding more natural with their writing.
  • Students worked together on the middle of the short story, before completing the end of their own.
  • If students finished before the end of the work period, they could work on homework for this class.


  • Bring your Close Reader next class.
  • Submit your typed essay to Focus and your written essay packet to the class inbox by your deadline (see this post for the specifics.) Please note, essays may be turned in prior to deadlines, but the written essay still needs to be submitted to communicate the essay in Focus is the finalized essay and is ready to be graded.
  • Complete two weekly A3K choice articles between midnight on Monday – 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, scoring 75% or higher on each article to earn credit. For more info, please check the Achieve 3000 vs. Weekly A3K tab to answer FAQ.
  • Finish ONE extension activity packet by 11/6 (A) 11/7 (B.) Packets are available in class, if you were absent or forgot to pick one up. They’re on the table by the door, since you choose your preference.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)

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Warrior Essay Deadlines by Situations *Updated*


During housekeeping, this chart was reviewed with students. Those with accommodations have extended time to complete beyond these deadlines, according their specific plans. Those with extenuating circumstances, should reach out to Ms. Barker and explain any concerns they see with meeting these deadlines. The purpose of this chart is intended to help chart out credit, so students can be informed and help them stay on top of their work to earn their desired grade. For a PDF of the chart, click here.

For directions how to upload the file to Focus, please view the power point covered in class. It’s suggested to view in presentation mode, as some of the images overlap to give written and visual step-by-step directions.

Mac users, the school uses PC and cannot open pages. Please email the teacher your essay and submit a printed copy to the inbox with “I have a mac” written on the submission, so the teacher knows why you submitted the typed version.

Credit Warrior Essay

digital vs paper copy

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