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Wednesday, Dec. 6 (A) – Thursday, Dec. 7(B): Drawing Conclusions graphic organizer

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While it’s great to rotate lunch classes, so classes have comparable instructional time over the next two weeks … it’s also  super confusing.


  • The Level Set diagnostic issue has been resolved. Students can once again resume using Achieve 3000 for their classes. Due to the fact that use was suspended at the beginning of the week, I’m waiving the weekly A3K choice requirement this week only since there may be some confusion. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • There’s been a lot of questions regarding the “Research Extra Credit” grade in Focus. As discussed in class, each quarter this category will appear. Periodically in class, we come up with questions we cannot stop and answer in the moment, but that are valid questions worth our attention. When Ms. Barker deems an question worthy, she will announce it to all classes and via the blog. The first student to email her (email because it date/time stamps) the correct answer they have researched will earn extra credit in the “Research Extra Credit” assignment. The latest opportunity has been fulfilled. There are no research extra credit opportunities, but it is a good idea to check the blog for when they are announced.
  • Make-Up Monday sign-up sheets are posted outside our classroom door for the entire second quarter. If you plan to attend, remember you must sign-up to reserve your spot. The sign-up sheets will be taken down each Friday afternoon. If there’s no interest (assessed by no students signing up,) there will be no Make-Up Monday the following week.


  • Students learned their score on periodic comp. book check #1 when their comp. books were passed back to them. If absent, you will need to reference the bell ringer from last class’ power point and submit your comp. book to the class inbox to be checked when you return from your absence. No work was added to your comp. book during your absence, so no extra time is needed to complete this make-up work.
  • For today’s bell ringer, please reference today’s power point.
  • Students completed the Quizizz Review using their class’ assigned code. 1A had some technical difficulty, so I reassigned their code: 9538698 and we confirmed it worked in class today. All other class’ were given this during housekeeping last class and directed to write it down in their planners. It was also displayed on the board throughout the entire work period. It was due at the end of class today for students who had not completed it.
  • Students who were absent for the Blue Rose Comprehension Check originally, had the time to make-up the assessment in class. They got their bubble sheet from the Absence Board and submitted the completed bubble sheet to the class inbox by the end of class.
  • Anyone who needed extra time on today’s graphic organizer because they were working on the previous class period’s work have until the start of next class to submit the graphic organizer and their Close Reader: “Teenagers and New Technology.”
  • Today’s class work, was to complete the Drawing a Conclusion graphic organizer for the question: how has technology affected Americans? using “Life at Home in the 21st Century” (Collections) and “Teenagers and New Technology” (Close Reader) to draw their conclusion. More detailed directions are available from today’s power point.
  • At the end of class, students submitted “Teenagers and New Technology” (either their photocopied packet, or the torn out pages from the Close Reader, stapled together.)


  • No weekly A3Ks or assigned articles this week. The Level Set diagnostic hasn’t been released early, so students may use Achieve 3000 for any of their classes. However, due to the confusion at the beginning of the week I am waiving the weekly choice article requirement for this week only.
  • Close Reader and Collections textbook not needed in class next time.
  • (B day only:) Completely annotate the Close Reader “Teenagers and New Technology” by completing all the Close Read directives (underline, circle, take notes in the margins, short response, etc.) due by the start of next class. Since this does not require a computer, this would be a great thing to work on during your holding on Wednesday/Thursday before my class.

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Turn in late work (only accepted one A or B day late.)

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