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Friday, Feb. 2 (A) & Monday, Feb. 5 (B): Scrimmage Review & Catch-Up Day

I’d be remiss as your English teacher if I didn’t revise the conventions of this  meme and it’s fitting, given that we worked on revisions: When you’re extremely stressed out, but you keep a positive attitude because you know this too shall pass.


  • Remember the 7th grade late work policy shifts in the second semester. Effective Jan. 9, 2018 students will not receive credit for late work. Exceptions include extenuating circumstances communicated with the teacher in advance and accommodations.
  • Check here for extra credit opportunities.
  • Remember students must sign-up in advance to attend Make-Up Monday. The sign-up sheet for the coming Make-Up Monday is taken down the Friday afternoon prior to the meeting and is cancelled if no one has signed up. All quarter 3 sign-up sheets are already hung outside the classroom.


  • Students applied for class jobs. If absent, review the Cast Members Wanted job listing sheet and fill out an application.
  • The class reviewed the two most-commonly missed questions from the mid-year scrimmage and discussed the thought process for answers picked and learned from our mistakes.
  • The remainder of the period was spent as Catch-Up. Students who have missed one or both of the argumentative writing days, had class time to write/revise their essays. All students were asked to revise their Thought Question printed responses. Click here for the work period checklist used today.


  • Finish revising (handwritten) the Thought Question response for Achieve 3000: “A Different Kind of Classroom.” Due by the start of class on 2/6 (A) & 2/7 (B.) For directions see the assignment section above.
  • Collections textbook needed in class daily until given further notice.
  • Complete two choice articles between midnight on Monday  – Sunday at 11:59 P.M. each week.
  • Return The Contender novel to the media center. Books must be returned to Ms. Mayer, or placed on her circulation desk (across from Counseling Corner.)

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