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Tuesday, Feb. 6 (A) – Wednesday, Feb. 7 (B): Practice Poetry



  • Remember the 7th grade late work policy shifts in the second semester. Effective Jan. 9, 2018 students will not receive credit for late work. Exceptions include extenuating circumstances communicated with the teacher in advance and accommodations.
  • Check here for extra credit opportunities.
  • Remember students must sign-up in advance to attend Make-Up Monday. The sign-up sheet for the coming Make-Up Monday is taken down the Friday afternoon prior to the meeting and is cancelled if no one has signed up. All quarter 3 sign-up sheets are already hung outside the classroom.


  • Students completed a Denotation and Connotation worksheet for today’s bell ringer. Be sure comp. books are kept updated for periodic comp. book checks.
  • After reviewing the bell ringer, students submitted their revisions for the “A Different Kind of Classroom” Achieve 3000 Thought Question. Today was the last day it will be accepted.
  • The class analyzed the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost and filled out an example poem analysis to help them with their group work poetry analysis of either “Sonnet 43” or “the Songs of Wandering Aengus” in their Collections textbook. If absent, please analyze “the Songs of Wandering Aengus” found in the Collections textbook, independently using the poetry analysis worksheet found in the absence folder, or print one out here.
  • At the end of class, we read both poems aloud and groups shared out their answers. Students wrote down the analysis for the 7 main points, (found at the end of today’s power point) in their comp. books to keep it updated for periodic comp. book checks.
  • Group work poetry analysis of “the Songs of Wandering Aengus” and “Sonnet 43” were submitted to the class inbox at the end of class.


  • Collections textbook needed in class daily until given further notice.
  • Complete two choice articles between midnight on Monday  – Sunday at 11:59 P.M. each week.
  • Return The Contender novel to the media center. Books must be returned to Ms. Mayer, or placed on her circulation desk (across from Counseling Corner.)

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