Tuesday, Mar. 13 (A) – Wednesday, Mar. 14 (B): Performance Task Argument Response

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  • Remember the 7th grade late work policy shifts in the second semester. Effective Jan. 9, 2018 students will not receive credit for late work. Exceptions include extenuating circumstances communicated with the teacher in advance and accommodations.
  • Check here for extra credit opportunities.
  • Students have until April 30 to submit one entry to America’s Library of Poetry contest for the chance to win $500!


  • For today’s bell ringer, students received a slip of paper and answered the question on their paper, in their comp. book. If absent, please answer the following and title it “Another Place, Another Time” in the comp. book: In the end, Gilbert makes a bold move to leave the other children behind and set out on his own. Re-read the last three paragraphs and identify what Gilbert does. What does this action reveal about him?
  • The assigned Achieve 3000: “Books That Move?” (BR – AR poll) and completed an FSA Challenge article analysis sheet were due at the start of the period.
  • Students cashed in their Dojo points for rewards and received back papers for Quarter 3. Current assignments are in the process of being graded and will be posted no later than Friday.
  • The teacher reviewed key components of an argument on p. 127 of the Collections textbook. Students could refer to  it to assist with writing their 1-page”Seeing is Believing” Performance Task due at the end of class today. If absent, students will be exempt from the assignment.


  • Weekly A3K choice articles will resume Monday, Mar. 26. Have a happy, safe, fun Spring Break!
  • Return The Contender novel to the media center. Books must be returned to Ms. Mayer, or placed on her circulation desk (across from Counseling Corner.)

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