Ms. Barker

A Little Bit About the Teacher:

Hi, my name is Miss Barker and I teach ELA. I attended FSU where I majored in English Education and minored in Child and Family Sciences. I worked for five summers at an overnight summer camp in a small town few people have ever heard of: Vernon, FL. Other than that I’ve spent most of my life in Jacksonville, attending local schools such as Loretto Elementary, Mandarin Middle, and Mandarin High. I’m an only child and my parents live in town. We have a tradition of watching Dancing with the Stars together, so I get to see them weekly.

When I’m not grading, I can be found running, hiking, watching T.V., ballroom dancing, or traveling. I have a bit of a Disney obsession–just come see my classroom–and partake in many of the Run Disney races as well as enjoy the occasional trip to the parks.

I’m a bit of a night owl which works out well with owning a nocturnal pet–a hedgehog. Her name is Tuck (yes, like Everlasting. I think my literary nerd is showing…) and she was born on April 22, 2015. She likes her sleep and can be persnickety with new people, but she too enjoys running on her wheel and is somewhat of a foodie. Other than that we have a class mascot named Arturo Turtle. Unlike Tuck, he’s a stuffed animal, so he’ll make some appearances throughout the year.

I can’t wait to spend this year learning and growing with you.


A few of my favorites:

Color: Turquoise

Animal: Sea turtle

Season: Autumn

Food: Italian and comfort (bring on the mac and cheese!)

Drink: Dr. Pepper & chai tea lattes


About the Class:

For easy access, here is a copy of the 2017 – 2018 7th Grade ELA Syllabus which includes important information such as classroom expectations, daily supplies, and turn-in policies.

As a community we pool our resources. If you would like to contribute to our classroom community, please check out our Class Wish List. Doing so is purely optional and greatly appreciated! I couldn’t do it alone! If you need help, using this Amazon list, please read the customer support article about Purchasing from Class Wish List.


Email Ms. Barker instead at barkers1@duvalschools.org

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