Class Dojo

In our class we use Class Dojo for monitoring behavior. Students get points for positive traits like: working hard, helping others, and being prepared. Students can cash in their points for rewards. The rewards menu is pictured above.

I’m open to student suggestions for traits to add to the reward system if we noticed an area is lacking and revisions to the rewards. After all, it’s their treat, they can have a voice in what they’d like to get.

In extreme cases, I deduct points (inappropriate language, cutting one another down, theft, etc.) Generally, positive points is effective enough on its own. Students can cash in their points for rewards and at the beginning of a new quarter everyone starts off with zero points again. Before the end of a grading period, I give students a chance to cash in their rewards, so unused points don’t go to waste.

Use the following to get connected with your class:

Class Dojo for Parents

Class Dojo for Students

Invites with your specific codes went home on Sept. 18, 2017 (A) & Sept. 19, 2017 (B.) Codes are specific to the individual!