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Week of Sept. 25 – 28


Last Update: Sept. 28 at 1 p.m.


  • Students need to have a copy of The Contender checked out to them and bring it to class all days except Wednesday. Since we have started reading the novel, it would be a good idea to bring the book all days, so students can work on homework if they finish classwork early.
  • All students have submitted their edulastic check point on the Rikki-Tikki-Tavi test. Directions for HOW to recycle will be forth-coming.
  • There are three opportunities to earn dojo points. Please go to the Dojo Page and read the specifics.
  • The first class that gets 100% parent accounts linked (using the code given to students) will get 6 extra credit points added to their grade, the second class to do so will earn 5 points, etc.

What did we do today?

Monday, Sept. 25

  • Absent/tardy students finished their assessment on the standards we have been covering in class.
  • Students worked on differentiated activities based on standards they needed additional practice on. Today’s activities included Level-Up Tutorials on Author’s Perspective, Quill.org diagnostic for grammar/spelling, and individual writing conferences to review the Thought Question on Achieve 3000: “The Greatest.”

Tuesday, Sept. 26

  • Students reviewed direct and indirect characterization.
  • (2nd period only) took notes on the concept in their comp. book.
  • (7th period only) was getting caught up from previous lessons and did not get this far. They are a day behind.
  • The teacher demonstrated how to use evidence from the text to make an inference about a character’s trait and annotate.
  • In groups, students read Ch. 1 of The Contender and annotated using post-it notes for either Alfred or Major.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 – Early Dismissal

  • Students reviewed claims and general reasons with a would you rather question. They submitted their responses to the class inbox.
  • In groups, students sorted through sentence strips and determined if the sentences where statements (facts) or claims (opinions.)
  • The class reviewed answers verbally and students had a chance to debrief any they had missed.

Thursday, Sept. 27

  • Students reviewed the difference between Character Traits and Emotions/Feelings.
  • (5th – 7th period) Recieved a Character Traits reference sheet to keep in their “handout” section of their binder for this class.
  • (All, except 7th period) The teacher demonstrated/the class collaborated on how to fill out the S.T.E.A.L. Chart.
  • (All, except 7th period) The students worked independently to fill out their S.T.E.A.L. Chart. Those who completed their annotated post-it notes could use them as a reference.
  • The teacher had D.I. conferencing with select students/groups. (Wrapping up edulastic testing, quill diagnostic, assorted writing help, and help answering questions about the assignment.)
  • (7th period only) Students worked collaboratively with a partner to identify character traits for Alfred on their post-it notes.

Friday, Sept. 21

  • Students finished their S.T.E.A.L. Chart for Alfred or Major on Ch. 1-2 and submitted it to the class inbox. Only students who were absent this week could take it home to finish it.
  • (7th period only) All students assigned Alfred.


  • Each week, students must complete a total of two (2) Achieve 3000 (A3K) articles between Sunday through Saturday at 11:59 P.M. (Articles submitted at 12 A.M. will be counted for the following week.)
  • In order to satisfy this requirement, students need to know:
    • Complete the activity in the LA2 section for credit.
    • The task is to read the article and complete the activity for each article.
    • Scores of 75% or higher on the first try are worth ten (10) points. Second try is worth zero (0) points regardless of score.
    • All other scores worth zero (0) points.
    • The teacher accepts your two highest, first try scores as the submission for the week, so there’s no reason to score beneath 20/20, or 100%

If not finished in class:

  • Annotating (optional, if helpful) by start of next class.
  • Follow the Pacing Guide for The Contender. Chapter are due at the START of class on the due date listed. Activities through that portion of the book will be completed in class on that day.
  • Students who needed to completed the Achieve 3000: “The Greatest” (originally assigned on Sept. 7 completing the:
    • thought question second draft (only students Ms. Barker conferenced with and gave these specific directions to.)
    • Due at the start of class on Friday, Sept. 28

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