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Week of Aug. 27 – 31

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Last Update: Aug. 31 at 3:28 p.m.


  • Students need to have a copy of The Contender checked out to them. Our media center specialist, will be checking out these books to students during their lunch on 8/30. If absent, please visit Ms. Mayer in the media center to check out a book. We will need the novel by next week!
  • New-to-Landon students are excused from summer reading assignments.

What did we do today?

Monday, Aug. 27

  • Most classes had class time to finish the Author’s Perspective charts (created on notebook paper.)
  • All classes submitted their Author’s Perspective charts to the class inbox.
  • (5th and 6th period only) completed the extension activity. If absent, this does not need to be made-up.

Tuesday, Aug. 28

  • Students watched multiple viewings of the “It Takes a Child” video clip and analyzed the media using the Documentary T-Chart. If absent, please check your absent folder and get the document from there.
  • For your reference, included is the power point used in today’s class.
  • Students did a give one, get one activity to continue to add to their Documentary T-Chart.
  • Most classes reviewed the chart, but all classes the chart was collected. It will be passed back on Thursday and students will finish up the activity then.

Wednesday, Aug. 29, Early Dismissal

  • Introduction to Writing Wednesdays.
  • Students learned the basics of Argumentative writing. The power point for session 1 of Writing Wednesday can be accessed here for students who still need to set-up their portfolios.

Thursday, Aug. 30

Students wrapped up the “It Takes a Child” lesson by:

  • Getting back their Documentary T-Charts from Tuesday. If absent, these will be found in the student’s personalized absence folder.
  • Reviewing the information we filled out on Tuesday and viewed the video again to refresh our memories/show students who were absent for the original viewing.
  • Highlighting information on our charts that was similar to the India portion Kielburger’s personal essay (p. 307 of the Collections textbook is where the text begins.)
  • Write information at the bottom of the charts that show differences
  • to the India portion Kielburger’s personal essay (p. 307 of the Collections textbook is where the text begins.) Don’t overthink this! The answers are straightforward.
  • Answer the essential question (which can be found in the power point) on the back of the T-Chart.

Friday, Aug. 31

  • For the power point used in class today, click here.
  • Students defined annotate in their comp. books
  • The class reviewed examples and non-examples of annotating to clear up any confusion.
  • Students got their printed copy of “Children at Work” for them to write on. For students who are absent, this was pulled from Achieve 3000, just search the title. A hard copy has been put in your absent folder.
  • The class worked through the first (few) paragraphs together.
  • Students spent the rest of the work period annotating the text.
  • Students submitted their annotated articles at the end of the period.
  • More time will be given in class to finish annotating the text next class. On average, students made it to the top of page 2.


  • Each week, students must complete a total of two (2) Achieve 3000 (A3K) articles between Sunday through Saturday at 11:59 P.M. (Articles submitted at 12 A.M. will be counted for the following week.)
  • In order to satisfy this requirement, students need to know:
    • The task is to read the article and complete the activity for each article.
    • Scores of 75% or higher are worth ten (10) points.
    • Scores below 75% are worth zero (0) points.
    • The teacher accepts your two highest, first try scores as the submission for the week, so there’s no reason to score beneath 20/20, or 100%

Summer Reading Exam

  • Finish setting up the cover of the portfolio (three sheets: Word Goal, Achieve 3000 Data Tracker, and FSA Data Tracker. Directions on how are available in the power point used in Wednesday’s class.)
  • The week of Sept. 4th students will have their exam on their summer reading for Among the Hidden as per the directions for the summer reading assignments that went home at the end of last year.
  • Students should refresh in preparation as this multiple choice, closed book test is fast approaching. It is a simple multiple choice test to assess reading comprehension. The questions will NOT mimic their end-of-the-year state testing.
  • New-to-Landon students may choose to take the exam, but will be automatically be exempt from it.

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