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Warrior Essay Deadlines by Situations *Updated*


During housekeeping, this chart was reviewed with students. Those with accommodations have extended time to complete beyond these deadlines, according their specific plans. Those with extenuating circumstances, should reach out to Ms. Barker and explain any concerns they see with meeting these deadlines. The purpose of this chart is intended to help chart out credit, so students can be informed and help them stay on top of their work to earn their desired grade. For a PDF of the chart, click here.

For directions how to upload the file to Focus, please view the power point┬ácovered in class. It’s suggested to view in presentation mode, as some of the images overlap to give written and visual step-by-step directions.

Mac users, the school uses PC and cannot open pages. Please email the teacher your essay and submit a printed copy to the inbox with “I have a mac” written on the submission, so the teacher knows why you submitted the typed version.

Credit Warrior Essay

digital vs paper copy


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Student Emails via Focus/OneView

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September 25, 2017 · 2:26 PM

Email Error


When replying to student emails today, I had many kicked back to me as “undeliverable.” I am not sure where the error lies, but the common trait was these were emails sent from Focus accounts. If you have not received my electronic reply, please do not hesitate to come speak with me in person and I will be more than happy to address your concerns. I have reported the error, but wanted to communicate the problem, so you do not feel ignored.


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