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Assigned Achieve 3000 FAQ

#1 – Q: I earned a 75% on the activity, but it shows up as 90% in Focus, has there been a mistake?

Scoring vs. Grade in Focus:

A: No. Since a 75% score earned on Achieve 3000 is considered proficient mastery of the standard/skill, the grade in Focus has been adjusted/scaled for first try scores only as shown below:

  1. 100% scored = 20 points or 100 A
  2. 88% scored = 19 points or 95 A
  3. 75% scored = 18 points or 90 A
  4. 63% scored = 17 points or 85 B
  5. 50% scored = 16 points or 80 B
  6. 38% scored = 15 points or 75 C
  7. 25% scored = 14 points or 70 C
  8. 13% scored = 13 points or 65 D
  9. 0% scored = 12 points or 60 D

Assignment not completed = 0 points or 0 F

#2 – Q: How do I log-in to Achieve 3000?

A: Please follow the link to this post with specific directions.

#3 – Q: Is Achieve 3000 graded for accuracy or effort?

A: Accuracy. We want to know that students have mastered the standard/skill we’re currently working on. However, the percentages don’t align with our traditional concept of percentages. A 75% on a traditional grading scale would be considered average, but a 75% on Achieve 3000 is considered proficient, so the score earned is adjusted into terms of a traditional scale. For that scale, please reference question #1. This adjustment will have a less severe impact on student’s grades, but students are still expected to do their best on these assignments as each month their Lexile Level may be adjusted to reflect the previous month’s progress.

#4 – Q: How is my Lexile level adjusted?

A: Through the completion of articles done in class. The specific rules are as follows:

  • Students need to complete 4 Achieve 3000 articles per month in class.
  • Students need to score 75% or better on their first try. This will help students improve their Lexile scores.
  • While you can log-in and practice any time, only work completed in class counts toward adjusting your Lexile scores.

#5 – Q: I logged in and instead of the usual green screen, I see a white screen. What do I do?

A: STOP, log out. If you’re panicked about an assignment, email your teacher to alert them the Level Set has appeared and notify them this is why you have not completed the assignment. This is the Level Set Test and needs to be monitored by the teacher in class. The teacher will understand you cannot complete the assignment and will respect your mature decision to wait on finishing the assignment in order to complete the Level Set Test.

#6 – Q: How can I check my Lexile level?

A: Click on the ‘Resources’ tab. Select ‘Career Center’ from the drop down menu. Select a career by clicking on any button and checking the career’s check box. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Find Careers.’ This will list your current lexile and lexile level for your career goal. Please note the lexile level does not adjust instantly after a Level Set.

#7 – Q: What are the ranges for Lexile levels?

A: It varies by grade levels. Please refer to the following chart:

Please note your teacher is aware of your level and no matter where you fall in your range has differentiated instruction to meet your needs.



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