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Week of Aug. 20 – 24

Last Update: Aug. 23 at 5:22 p.m.


  • Due to the change in the bell schedule, families who I have taught their older children, should know there will be some changes to my policies/procedures that are necessary when moving from block to daily scheduling. Please do not assume anything and consult current information!
  • To that end, I will start including a “last updated” at the top, so you don’t have to wonder if you’re working off old information. In other words, I’ll add the weekly post and update it, as needed, throughout the week.
  • New-to-Landon students are excused from summer reading assignments.
  • As of Tuesday, 3rd period completed their Level Set. All classes are now able to complete the homework. There are a handful of students in other classes who did not finish the Level Set, due to varying reasons. They will be excused from the assignment as  a result.
  • On Monday,  15 Collections textbooks were delivered, so I have a sampling if any student forgets their textbook when it’s needed in class. On Tuesday, I was provided with a complete class set, so students there is a 1:1 ratio books to students, so students will not need to bring their book to class. Students can choose if they want to leave their books at school (so they can complete assignments throughout the day) or leave it at home. I will still teach them how to access the online textbook, so it will be accessible in either location (home and school.)
  • Students will need to bring their Collections textbook to class daily until told otherwise starting this Wednesday. Due to the arrival of our class set, students may bring their textbook to class, only if they choose.

What did we do today?

Monday, Aug. 20

Depending on what classes needed to make-up, students worked on:

  • Setting up their comp. books
  • Setting up their portfolios
  • Blobs and lines activity

Tuesday, Aug. 21

Students completed a 5-question formative assessment to assess their beginning understanding of the unit to be covered either:

*The class codes are available in class, as the formative needs to be completed in class.

The remainder of class is dedicated to finishing up unfinished tasks from Monday.

Wednesday, Aug. 22

  • The class started our unit on Craig Kielbueger’s personal essay. Here is the power point used in class.
  • Class time was used to introduce the unit and some classes had enough time to begin reading.
  • (5th period) finished setting up their portfolios and left them in their portfolio crate in class. Thank you for your flexibility!
  • Students will finish the reading/charts in class.

Thursday, Aug. 23

  • Students started/continued reading “Craig Kielburger Reflects on Working Toward Peace” in their Collections textbook and working on their author’s perspective chart.
  • For an example of how to complete the chart, please see today’s power point.
  • After the teacher demonstrated how to complete the chart, students continued to read the text and each students completed their own chart, but discussed the text with their table mates.
  • Remember, students will finish the reading/charts in class.

Friday, Aug. 24

  • Students got back their summer reading mind maps today.
  • Please make it a habit to check Focus weekly to check-up on grades. If falling behind, students need to familiarize themselves with how to earn their desired score. Information regarding the weekly A3K homework requirement can be found here.
  • Students worked in small groups to continue reading “Craig Kielburger Reflects on Working Toward Peace” in their Collections textbook and completing the Author’s Perspective Chart modeled to them on Wednesday and/or Thursday.


  • Each week, students must complete a total of two (2) Achieve 3000 (A3K) articles between Sunday through Saturday at 11:59 P.M. (Articles submitted at 12 A.M. will be counted for the following week.)
  • In order to satisfy this requirement, students need to know:
    • The task is to read the article and complete the activity for each article.
    • Scores of 75% or higher are worth ten (10) points.
    • Scores below 75% are worth zero (0) points.
    • The teacher accepts your two highest, first try scores as the submission for the week, so there’s no reason to score beneath 20/20, or 100%

Summer Reading Exam

  • The week of Sept. 4th students will have their exam on their summer reading for Among the Hidden as per the directions for the summer reading assignments that went home at the end of last year.
  • Students should refresh in preparation as this multiple choice, closed book test is fast approaching. It is a simple multiple choice test to assess reading comprehension. The questions will NOT mimic their end-of-the-year state testing.
  • New-to-Landon students may choose to take the exam, but will be automatically be exempt from it.



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