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Week of Oct. 29 – Nov. 2: Three-Day Field Trip

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Last Update: Oct. 30 at 3:44 p.m.


  • Quarter 1 report cards went home Monday, Oct. 29th.
  • The teacher will be chaperoning the 7th grade field trip from Wednesday, Oct. 31 – Friday, Nov. 2 meaning she will be unable to answer read/reply to emails until Wednesday, Nov. 7th – Thursday, Nov. 8th depending on when the email was sent. Please check the information below prior to emailing, if it is a question regarding assignments for the week.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31 – absolutely no costumes are to be worn to school.
  • Thursday, Nov. 8 is the Make-Up Picture day.

What did we do today?

Monday, Oct. 29

  • Students completed Ch. 20 on the Essential Question #3 worksheet for their bell ringer and submitted to the class inbox. Those who had not submitted after housekeeping were counted as late.
  • The class reviewed Theme and took notes (via a mind map) in their comp. books. If absent, please get the notes from a class mate.
  • The teacher provided different themes for the novel to small groups. Students worked in their assigned small groups to analyze The Contender and identify evidence that supported their given theme. They wrote evidence on different post-its and attached it to their theme poster.
  • Each student was given a Gallery Walk Note-Note Taking Sheet and noted the theme, most compelling evidence from each group’s poster, and explained why their selected evidence was the most compelling.
  • The class ended by discussing the themes that stood out, surprised them, and general takeaways as a result of the lesson. The posters and gallery walk notes were submitted to the class inbox.
  • If absent, students need to complete the Common Lit: “AutumnTime” alternate assignment which is due on Friday, Nov. 9th.

Tuesday, Oct. 30

Wednesday, Oct. 31 – Leadership Wednesday, Early Dismissal, & Day 1 of Field Trip

  • Students who were present today had 38 minutes in class to answer The Contender short response writing prompton notebook paper.
  • If absent/attending the field trip, it is due by the start of class on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. This is the only assignment that is mandatory to be made-up for my class.

Thursday, Nov. 1 – Day 2 of Field Trip

  • Students started the alternate assignment for Character Traits.
  • This assignment is mandatory for students who are present and optional for absent/field trip attendees.
  • Students may take the assignment home to work on it if they believe next class will not be enough time.

Friday, Nov. 2 – Day 3 of Field Trip

  • Students finished the alternate assignment for Character Traits.
  • This assignment is mandatory for students who are present and optional for absent/field trip attendees.
  • It is due today for students who were present and is due on Tuesday, Nov. 13th for students who were absent and choose to make-up this alternate assignment which will replace the original assignment: “Comparing Characters” partner/independent work worksheet if a higher score is earned on this assignment versus original assignment for the standard.
  • Students may take the assignment home to work on it if they believe next class will not be enough time.


  • Each week, (including the week of the field trip Sunday, Oct. 28th – Saturday, Nov. 3,) students must complete a total of two (2) Achieve 3000 (A3K) articles between Sunday through Saturday at 11:59 P.M. (Articles submitted at 12 A.M. will be counted for the following week.)
  • In order to satisfy this requirement, students need to know:
    • Complete the activity in the LA2 section for credit.
    • The task is to read the article and complete the activity for each article.
    • Scores of 75% or higher on the first try are worth ten (10) points. Second try is worth zero (0) points regardless of score.
    • All other scores worth zero (0) points.
    • The teacher accepts your two highest, first try scores as the submission for the week, so there’s no reason to score beneath 20/20, or 100%

If not finished:

  • Finish reading The Contender (due Monday, Oct. 29th) by Monday, Nov. 5th. We will start the in-class projects once students return from the field trip, so we can all be completing them together.

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2018 – 2019 Ms. Barker’s 7th Grade ELA Supply List

back to school supply shopping

The supply list is available for your reference on the school’s website and at local stores. Please note the lists are organized by grade level. For my class, students will need:


It is highly recommended to stock up on additional supplies like notebook paper, pens, pencils, and glue sticks during the back-to-school sales as these items tend to need to be replenished throughout the year.

* denotes items to be kept with student & used with other classes.

  • 1-set of headphones or earbuds — required for state testing and used in class occasionally*
  • 1 – composition book (college ruled)
  • Pens (dark blue and/or black ink only) and/or pencils*
  • 2 – packages of loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)*
  • 1-package of post-its (any size and color)
  • 1 – pack of highlighters (assorted colors)*
  • 1 – package of markers OR colored pencils*
  • 1 – Flash Drive (any size)*
  • 1 – one-inch three ring binder
  • 1-pack of 10 count page protectors
  • 1-pack of 3×5 index cards
  • 1 – personal novel (this is a book the student enjoys reading and will be kept with them. It will change throughout the year as they finish one and get another, but students need to bring something they enjoy reading to class each day.)


  • 1 – set of 6 dividers for three ring binder


Class Wish List:

Donations to the class wish list are purely voluntary. Any items below would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering contributing. Teacher preference is disinfectant wipes/spray, copy paper, pencils, and tissues.

  • Lysol spray
  • Tissues
  • Clorox wipes
  • Pencils
  • Copy paper (white or pastel colors)
  • Post-its (any size or color)
  • Thin-tipped expo markers

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2018-2019 School Year Summer Reading

17 Best images about Teacher Humor on Pinterest | Middle ...


Before the close of the school year, this summer’s reading was posted to the main page of the school website and students were reminded periodically in class. Click here for the 2018 – 2019 Summer Reading List & Assignments. Please note if the link does not work, this file can be found on the school’s website. Please be sure to carefully read ALL directions from the summer reading list & assignments (by following the link above or navigating to the school website.)


Assignment #1 – Non-Fiction Mind Map:
Mind Maps must be on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
Both digitally designed and handwritten mind maps are accepted.
Please be sure to include the following information in the top, right hand corner of the mind map.
  • Student first & last name
  • Date assignment completed
  • Period (will discover upon receiving schedule at Orientation)
  • Assignment title (Summer Reading Mind Map)

Mind Maps turned in by August 13 will earn full credit. EXCEPTION: New-to-Landon students are not required to submit this assignment. Students who are absent on the first day of school have one day for every day absent to submit the assignment for full credit. After such time the assignment is considered late.

Mind Maps turned in by August 14 will earn partial credit.

Mind Maps will NOT be accepted on August 15 or after, unless due to an absence as stated above.


Assignment #2 – Learning Styles Survey

This is not an English Language Arts exclusive assignment. The Learning Styles Survey will be shared with your (child’s) teachers, to help them ensure a great year of learning! Once you have taken the survey, upload your results here.


Assignment #3 – Exam on Fiction Novel

Read Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Among the Hidden by August 13. Exception: New-to-Landon students have until Sept. 4th to acquire a copy and read the book. Students will have three weeks to study/refresh to prepare for the assessment on this novel.

All students will be given an in-class exam on the novel after Labor Day.




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