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Monday, 8/15 & Tuesday, 8/16: Rituals and Routines

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  • Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts. This blog is updated frequently with each A/B day’s work appearing in a single post. Use the calendar, archives, and titles to help you locate the correct post. Please note I generally update the blog on A days.
  • Collections textbook (black cover) needed next class.


  • Collected summer reading assignments due first day of ELA.
  • Collected communal supplies (post-its, sanitizer/wipes, tissues, copy/computer paper) These items may be brought in throughout the week.
  • Put heading on front cover of comp. book and placed in class storage bin.
  • Reviewed syllabus/began to cover important places in the classroom
  • Worked with table mates to solve a TED-Ed video riddle.
  • Take the True Colors Personality Test and review results. Filling out the Personality Color component on the Me at a Glance handout.

Home Learning:

  • Get syllabus signed and return entire page by 8/19 (A) & 8/22 (B.)
  • Bring Collections textbook (black cover) to next class.

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2016-2017 Ms. Barker’s 7th Grade ELA Supply List

The entire supply list (all subjects and grade levels) is available for your reference. Please note there were some errors for ELA. I have listed my corrected preferences below.

back to school supply shopping


  • 1 – one-inch three ring binder
  • 1 -set of 6 dividers for three ring binder
  • 1 – composition book (college ruled)
  • 2 – packages of loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)
  • 1 – pack of highlighters (assorted colors)
  • 1 – Flash Drive (any size) to be kept with student & used with other classes
  • 1 – personal novel (this is a book the student enjoys reading and will be kept with them. It will change throughout the year as they finish one and get another, but students need to bring something they enjoy reading to class each day.)
  • Pens (dark blue and/or black ink only) and/or pencils
  • 1-package of post-its (any size and color)
  • 1 – package of markers OR colored pencils
  • 1-set of headphones or earbuds. They will be kept with the student, but will be needed occasionally in class and are required for testing.

Class Wish List:

Donations to the class wish list are purely voluntary. Any items below would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering contributing. Teacher preference is disinfectant wipes/spray, copy paper, and tissues.

  • Copy paper (any color)
  • Clorox wipes
  • Lysol spray
  • Post-its (any size or color)
  • Tissues
  • Pencils
  • Pens (blue or black only)
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Thin-tipped expo markers

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